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Titles Held

These are just a few of the titles that dad held.I know that there are more, I just haven't been able to track them all down yet.


National Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Title

(San Francisco Version)
Man Mountain Campbell & Mr. Kleen 1960 (The Kleen Kids)


World Wrestling Association World Tag Team Title

Luke Brown & Grizzly Smith 08/08/65 Los Angeles, Ca.


N.W.A. North American Tag Team Title

Luke Brown & Tor Kamata 06/12/69 Kansas City, Ks.
Luke Brown & Danny Little Bear 06/31/69 Kansas City,Ks.
Luke Brown & Ox Baker 10/02/69 Kansas City, Ks.


N.W.A. United States Tag Team Title (Tri-State Version)

Luke Brown & Dutch Savage 02/01/70
Luke Brown & Grizzly Smith 04/71
(Replaced Bill Watts & Billy Red Lyons during a best-of-5-falls match challenge against Von Erich & Von Brauner. They are then stripped of the title.)
Luke Brown & Grizzly Smith 04/71
Luke Brown & Klondike Bill 01/74




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